Things to do in Samoa


Think of Samoa and you’re sure to have several stand-out images come to mind. Paradise. Waterfalls. Mountains covered in fertile green forests being caressed by turquoise ocean water. Coconuts. Swaying palm trees. Samoa is everything you can imagine and so much more.

There isn’t a fragment of this country that doesn’t beg you to adore it, that isn’t ridiculously photogenic, inviting you to dive in… literally. The To Sua Ocean Trench should be number one on your list for doing exactly that. The azure water of the salt water pool cupped inside luscious vegetation is worth every step of the climb. That moment when you break the surface of the water is the ultimate reward for your journey there.

The Saleaula Lava Fields are an otherworldly place. Walk upon the dried lava from Mt. Matavanu volcano’s eruption in 1905 to see churches half swallowed in lava and the imprints of trees that were buried in its path. The Papase’ea Sliding Rocks are hugely popular natural water slides where you slide along little waterfalls to cooling water pools.

Of course, a trip to Samoa wouldn’t be complete without swimming in the iridescent waters of their beaches and Lalomanu, Tafa Tafa and Lefaga are just the places for this. You’ll be bewitched by the white sand and the crystal clear water, feeling as though you’ve stepped foot in a dream. This is how perfect Samoa is, and with local people who are famous for their warmth and hospitality, you’ll feel like part of the island before you can say, “talofa”.

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